Albert Mkrtchyan

Albert Mkrtchyan

Director Albert Mkrtchyan was born in Gyumri in 1937, but his roots are from historical Armenia. Most of his childhood memories are linked to years of war, which he later turned into unique snap-shots of a beautiful story.

Albert Mkrtchyan’s dream was not to become a film director. At a young age, he was hoping to be a painter but instead, he began starring in movies.

Him and his brother played together in a film, which was later transferred onto the stage of Tekstil Club. They staged the story of Gikor. Frunzik, in the role of Bazaz Artem, beat his brother, Albert, who was playing the part of Gikor. In the scene their mother catches them, and her angry voice is heard through the hall: “Why are you beating that child. You’re heartless. That’s your brother.”

Albert Mkrtchyan shot nine films, among them famous Armenian works such as, “The Song of the Old days”, “The Tango of our Childhood”, and “Happy Bus”.

“50 years have passed since I left Leninakan-Gyumri, but every day I am still on this road. I should search and find people, those good and kind people, whom I know and who gave me strength. It is here that I have found my movies.”

 Did you know?

Armenian famous movie “The Tango of our childhood” directed by Albert Mkrtchyan and staring by Mher Mkrtchyan is a autobiographical movie telling the story of the Mkrtchyans family. Albert confessed that he never had rehearsals during the shots because he tried to adjust each role to the nature of the actors.