Top 7 places to take photos in Gyumri

Top 7 places to take photos in Gyumri

Traveling, discovering new places and culture is fun and we all love it. But what we all love the most is sharing our experience with our friends in social media. So if you’re in Armenia and have taken a lot of photos of Armenian old churches, wonderful nature and mountains, here we offer you a totally different destination, historical Gyumri.

Gyumri is well knowm for its preserved architecture, history and people, but the city visitors are not always aware of the best spots to capture memories around the city.

Feel free to come along with us to Gyumri photography trip even if you are not a photographer. We will guide you to the best spots for photos to take in Gyumri, the cultural capital of Armenia

1.Old Theatre

The white building of Gyumri Old Theatre, previously known as “Folk House” stands tall at the very beginning of Gyumri Central Park. This building with 150 years of history was built with the funds of Alexandrapol people. During the time it has served the community as a folk house and was the main place for concerts, literature evenings, open discussions, poetry gatherings, theatre performances, etc. “Anush”- the first Armenian Opera by Armen Tigranyan, was premiered in this concert hall in 1912.

The building has rising up columns sculptured with beautiful ornaments.

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2. Achemyan Street

After visiting Old Theater, you can continue your way down to Achemyan Street.

The starting point of Achemyan street is probably one of the best places for street photography. Why? Because here you can find the tiled street with the buildings preserved from 19th century.

For those who has watched one of the famous armenian movies called «The Tango of our childhood» will have the chance to take the photo of the same balcony from where Siranush (Galya Novents) were arguing with Rube (Mher Mkrtchyan).

3.Holy Saviors’ Church

They say that once an armenian believer wasn’t allowed to enter the greek church.  That’s how Gyumri people decided to build their own church, taller than any other church in the city.

The church was constructed between 1858 and 1872. The design of the church was derived from the architecture of the Cathedral of Ani. Although the church was severely damaged during the earthquake on 1988, it’s going through an entire renovation process since 2002.

This is the best place to encapsulate city’s history and grandeur in one shot!

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4. Seven Wounds Church

Located on the northern part of the square the Seven Wounds of the Holy Mother of God is a 19th century church. It is the main church of the city. During the soviet period there were only 2 churches open in Armenia: one was Ejmiatsin Cathedral and the other one the Seven Wounds church.

After devastating Earthquake in 1988 the 2 minor domes fell down and they were replaced with new ones. You can see the fallen domes currently placed in the church yard.

It’s a perfect spot both for exterior and interior shot. Make sure to capture little details, carvings, patterns, symmetry, stonework, paintings and wall hangings inside the church.

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5. Central Square

The central square, the heart of the city, is one of the beautiful places that you can take a photo of at night. The square is decorated with several fountains with a memorial to the Battle of Avarayr at the central part. The modern building of Gyumri Town Hall is standing with its length on the north part of the square between two main churches of the city. The city square maybe be considered a crossroad of different periods as you can find buildings of Alexandrapol, Soviet and modern times.

6.Jivani Street

Those who love capturing details should take a walk down in Jivani Street. The street is named after famous armenian bard Jivani who was born here.

This area is also called Brewery as the oldest brewery is located in this street. Right in front of the Brewery you can find an old building of 19th century built from black and red tuff and with beautiful sculptured ornaments.

If you take slow steps along the street, you’ll catch those beautifully hand crafted downspouts that are truly admirable.

7.Abovyan Street

And finally one of the favourite spots for local and foreign photographers is Abovyan Street.  Years ago before the devastating earthquake shook the city photographer Hayk Adamyan took this black and white photo of Abovyan street (known as Aleksandrovskaya). Nowadays many photographers try to take a photo from the same angle.