Andranik Avetisyan

Andranik Avetisyan (Ado)

Аrtist Andranik Avetisyan (Ado) is the only artist in the world who creates works of art by cobwebs. He noticed the spider web in the corner of the window in his studio. Then a great idea came to his mind to create a picture of a spider web . And he began to study the life of the spiders and the structure of their web. After that he began to create the works of art which brought the artist the fame quickly in the world. The main subjects of his works are life, human relations, energy, space, and beginning.

Artist Andranik Avetisyan was born on 28 December 1968 in Gyumri. He started to paint when he was 7 years old. 1975-1979 Art College S. Mirkurov. 1983-1985 Private Lessons at famous artist H. Avetissyan and art critic R. Ajemyan.

Starting from 1995, he has had numerous exhibitions, as well as has participated in a number of international exhibitions and has received highest appreciation of critics both in the Motherland and abroad. The recent one is:

Andranik Avetisyan ( Ado ), participated in the international contemporary art exhibition in Cannes, France on September 23-26,and won the “New Talent and Creative Idea” prize. There were 100 participants from all over the world. His works made of cobweb and he is a founder of the cobweb pictures.