Arsen Vardanyan

Arsen Vardanyan

Hi, I am Arsen Vardanyan, a part of the humor capital Gyumri. If you are lucky enough to come to Gyumri, you will be doubly lucky to meet me.
Me and all residents of Gyumri love our guests. Here you are free to collect your interesting tour map which you like. We have an opportunity to see the most thick tree of Gyumri, to meet chariots with horses, enjoy delicious local dishes and beer, to watch the city from a high, but a safe attraction, be in the studios of masters trying to prepare something with own hands.
Do not forget about interesting legends. There are so many in this city. Everyone and everything has an interesting nickname in this city.
From the oldest barber to innovative centers wait for you.
I am a lover of non-formal education and the creation of start-up programs and during the tour I will be glad to share my experience and listen to the clever suggestions from my guests.
I am a member of popular Youth Bank Committee and I like making friends. In case of being good friends the tour can be even free.


Languages: Armenian,English, Russian,Turkish

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