Av. Isahakyan Statue

Avetiq Isahakyan Statue

Avetiq Isahakyan is one of the most famous Armenian poets all over the world. Isahakyan was born in Alexandropol in 1875 and was educated at the Kevorkian seminary in Echmiadzin later at the University of Leipzig, where he studied philosophy and anthropology. Among Avetik Isahakyan’s most famous works are “Yerqer u Verqer” (Songs and Wounds), “Abu Lala Mahari”, “Im Sirty Lernerum e” (My Heart is in the Mountains) etc. Isahakyan’s works have been translated in many languages and his poems have been used as lyrics for new songs. His house museum is located in Varpetats street 91. The bronze statue’s author of his statue is Nikoghayos Nikoghosyan and was installed in 1975.

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