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We are Digital Pomegranate, a company with strong DESIGN and TECH background. We work for businesses to make a difference in small and medium enterprise sector. We change things with creativity and design. Creativity comes through us, not from us.We see ourselves as the true citizens of this town and care about it as much as we care about our business.We are here to unleash that potential and invest in people of Gyumri. We have started a movement that is aimed at empowering Gyumri talented people through job creation, allowing them to earn a sustainable living and stay in the country.

Our Project

Visit Gyumri is the main official tourism portal for Gyumri, second largest city of Armenia. It offers this informational website with detailed descriptions, media and introductions of where to go, what to see and what to do in Gyumri.

Besides the website Visit Gyumri is also a mobile app for Android and iOS powered devices. The app offers pre-designed tours, online and offline maps and city info to its visitors. Besides there is the feature you like most, the ability to build your own custom tour to walk around the town.
The project was initiated by Digital Pomegranate team to foster urban tourism development in Gyumri. We cooperated with Gyumri Municipality, its infrastructure for tourism, including, museums, galleries and many different organizations that welcomed our idea and made their contribution in the way they could.

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