Eranuhi Aslamazyan

Eranuhi Aslamazyan

Eranuhi Arshaki Aslamazian (April  28, 1910, Bash-Shirak village, near Alexandropol – 1998, Moscow) was a Soviet painter. She was the sister of Mariam Aslamazian.

She moved to Moscow on 1943 and lived there till the end of her life. But during this time she paid regular visits to Armenia.

Travel impressions and creative visits to numerous countries played an important role in the paintings and ceramics works of Yeranuhi Aslamazyan.

Eranuhi and Mariam’s ceramics of decorative- practical significance had an important role in the development of Soviet Armenian pottery.The ceramics in the art of sisters has developed mainly from fifties.  They were interested in the ceramics used with decorative sense. In case of pottery glazing the colour contrast of pictures on the pottery jugs, vases, sets, decorations became much more expressive: the glaze turned the picture perhaps much more expressive underlining the massage and added unique luster to the latter. The credo of the still-lifes and the portraits pictured on the pottery was mainly the glorification of the content of the national and abundance ideology. That was why the sisters pictured the sun-scorched harvest, trees and flowers of Armenia: apricot, pomegranate, tulip, Armenian girls and women and etc.

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