Alexandrapol Area

Welcome to the heart of cultural heritage of Gyumri! This is where you get acquainted with the historic Alexandrapol and its unique and indigenous architecture. The city was called Alexandrapol during the 19th century, and this is when the city’s historic core was formed. The Russian Tsar Nicholas I arrived in Gyumri in 1837 and renamed the city into Alexandropol, after his wife, Alexandra Fyodorovna.

The city was an important outpost for the Imperial Russian armed forces and was experiencing a rapid growth during its first decade. In Kumayri district represents more than 1600 historical buildings and monuments ranging from Neoclassical buildings, which emerged as part of nineteenth-century ideas about urban development, to high-rise modernist structures from the Leninakan era, which were designed as part of a program focused on creating immense boulevards and town squares.

Make sure not to miss the Russian Church, Kumayri district’s Teryan, Hanesoghlyan, Jivani and Achemyan streets, the regional library and hundreds of historical buildings while walking in this area.