Gyumri Brewery Area

This is the place where beer lovers are going to enjoy themselves the most. The history of the emergence of beer in Gyumri dates back to 1898, when Tsahikyants founded the first brewery unique in the region. Company “Gyumri Beer”, which is one of the largest beer producers in Armenia and was founded in 1970. The historical building of the beer factory is a worth seeing monument and is a part of Gyumri Cultural Heritage. It is located in Kumayri historic district. The tourists are welcomed to taste beer in different stages of its production and witness how Gyumri beer is brewed and bottled. This amazing walking area includes many more historical monuments, like the 5th Music school, named after renowned Armenian bard Sheram, the Poloz Mukuch restaurant located right in front of the brewery and a lot more living houses bearing the best features of Alexandrapol architecture along the Rustaveli street.