City Square

Central Square Area

Gyumri’s Central Square area is the real heart of the city and the gate to the historical town. 

The two All Saviors’ and St. Astvatsatsin-The holy mother of God (Seven Wounds) are located on the southern and northern parts of the square. The statue complex “Battle of Avarayr” decorates the center of the square. This memorial features outstanding historical Armenian character of Vardan Mamikonyan and his co-warriors, who fought against the Persian army to protect Armenian statehood and religion.

Crossing the street you will find yourself in the alley of khachkars, also known as Armenian cross-stones.  Gyumri khachkars were carved and put here to commemorate the lost of hundreds of Armenian khachkars devastated in Jugha by Azeri people. 

This area is the center of the city including beautiful memorials, statues, historical buildings, city cinema, historic Abovyan Street, Aslamazyan sisters’ art gallery and the jewelry markets that will lead you the open market and Gyumri urban area.