Urban Life

Urban Life Area

This part is going to be one of the most interesting parts of you travelling in Gyumri. While walking around the open market you can get fresh and original products first hand from the villagers, with a beautiful walking park, called Victory Park (Haghtanaki).  This park is the home to Gyumri sculpture symposium taking place every two years and featuring many local and international sculptors. After the symposium many sculpture find their permanent location right in this walking area. At the very end of the park you will find a beautiful statue garden featuring Andranik Ozanian, an Armenian military commander and statesman, the best known fedayi.

Left to the park the stunning red stoned building is the Museum of National Architecture and Urban Life.  Stone arches and cornices, filled with period furniture and rugs, musical instruments and art will make you feel the warmth and environment of 18-19th century traditional home of Gyumri.

Make sure not to miss the Merkurov house museum, home of death masks of famous figures and walking down old Teryan Street which will bring you to the real Alexandrapol old town to see the amazing architecture preserved till today. 

 In this area you can also visit the newly open Catholic church called Cathedral of Holy Martyrs.