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Gyumri is Armenia’s second biggest city and is located on the northwestern part in the Shirak Province. Gyumri is different from any other city you have visited before. This is a place where the traditions, legends, tales and simple human stories come together. This is one of the few places in Armenia where you can see architecture from different periods of times. This is the city of culture and the future technological hub of Armenia.

This is an amazing opportunity to discover the 18th-19th century unique and indigenous architecture, cuisine and the most hospitable people. This walking tour will help to discover more of the historic flavor of the city and the lifestyle of Gyumri people. Do not to miss the first ever Opera House in Armenia, and the best ever technology center in the region as a prominent fact of how Gyumri is matching old and new, historical and modern to revive.


Gorki Street Area

Gorki street is one of the longest streets in Gyumri, connecting the Railway station to the downtown. In this area you can find out the soviet period architectural heritage, the French school, jewelry and antique shops, typical neighborhoods, modern houses,  the Bagratunyats partk, etc.

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City Square Area

Gyumri’s Central Square area is the real heart of the city and the gate to the historical town where the two main churches are located. This area  includes beautiful memorials, statues, historical buildings, city cinema, historic Abovyan Street,alley of Khachkars, etc.

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Urban Life Area

This part is going to be one of the most interesting parts of you travelling in Gyumri. This area is including one one of the most interesting museums in Gyumri, the Catholic church of the Holy Martyrs, Victory park, as well as open and gold markets.

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Alexandrapol Area

In Alexandrapol area you will get acquainted with the historic Alexandrapol and its unique and indigenous architecture. Here you can walk down by Teryan, Hanesoghlyan, Jivani and Achemyan streets,  visit Russian Church, the regional library and hundreds of historical buildings.

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Park & Tech Area

In this are you can find the old  Theatre House. This is where the Anush Opera was performed first time in Armenia .The theater is located near the entrance of the park from where you can walk to the street to view the Gyumri Technology Center.

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Brewery Area

This amazing walking area includes many more historical monuments, like Gyumry Brewery factory, the 5th Music school, the Poloz Mukuch restaurant located right in front of the brewery and a lot more living houses bearing the best features of Alexandrapol architecture.

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Museum Area

Gyumri people are what make the city real.  This area includes the three home museums of Gyumri’s honorable citizens M. Mkrtchyan, Av. Isahakyan,H. Shiraz. Besides the museums you can also visit the ceramics production store and see the artists during work process.

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Theater Area

The modern Gyumri drama theatre, named after V.Ajemyan  is located on Sayat Nova Avenue. With its large courtyard and statues of Gyumri poets and actors it composes the Gyumri’s theater square. The tall trees make it even more attractive and enjoyable on sunny weather.

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