St. Nshan Church

St. Nshan church

St. Nshan (St. Cross)  church was built with the funds of Ghahraman Arghutyants Ruller and Alexandrapol citizens during 1859-1864. According to the inscriptions above the southern and northern entrances the church was named St. Astvatsatsin until 1870. This is one of the earliest apostolic churches in Gyumri with centralized dome and belfry to the next. During Soviets time the church stopped functioning and the building was serving as a repository and then as a theatre. The church suffered a lot during the 1988th earthquake, namely the dome and the belfry were devastated. It was rebuilt with the funds of Vardan Ghukasyan, Gyumri former mayor.

*During the Soviet Times a decision was made to turn the church into an observatory. The dome of the church was removed, observatory equipments were adjusted on top of the church, expensive telescopes and glasses were purchased and brought to the city from Europe. A day before the opening ceremony, as local people and priests state, a devastating lightning hit the church out of nowhere in a sunny day and destroyed all of the telescopes. The decision of turning the church into an observatory was out of discussion and was restored as an apostolic church.

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