Digital Gyumri project

Digital Gyumri project

In 2015 Digital Pomegranate created a division focused on Tourism Apps. Our first App is for our own city Gyumri, Armenia. We have launched the Visit Gyumri project by launching a tourism website and mobile app, but our goal was also the development of tourism in the second largest city of Armenia buy making the entire city more digital.

This year we have improved and updated the mobile tour application and Visit Gyumri aims to be the main official tourism portal for Gyumri. The mobile app is powered for both iOS and Android devices in multiple languages. The launch of updated version of the mobile app will take place on September 17.

We quickly realized that for Gyumri to become more successful in tourism, we need to reach out to the different areas of the city like museums, hotels, retail shops, restaurants and even the library. We have named our goal “Digital Gyumri”. Even basic information about Gyumri as a cultural capital was hardly available on the Internet, thus potential tourists were just skipping over Gyumri because people today research online. After a few months of collaboration with cultural institutions, Digital Pomegranate has started creating websites and here are just a few samples…

1.Shirak Regional Library


Shirak Regional Library has been operating for 19 years already but it didn’t have its own website. Therefore, the library was our first target for our project.
Now the library has a new and modern website where the readers can search for books online, get suggestions and just follow the upcoming events taking place in the library.
The website is in Armenian and it being frequently updated.

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2.Artist’s Union of Armenia, Gyumri Branch
nkarichner-miutyun kayqA website for Artist’s Union of Gyumri was the next step of our project. In the website members of Artist’s Union and their works are represented. You can also find contacts of artists which allows contacting artists directly.

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3. Mher Mkrtchyan Museum

tvayin gyumri

Mher Mkrtchyan museum was opened to its visitors in 2016 in an historical and architectural building.
During its 10 year of operation the museum didn’t have a website which was one of the big problems. Therefore, the museum welcomed our project, and in the result of collaboration the official website for Mher Mkrtchyan museum was created.
In official website you can find about life and career of Mher Mkrtchyan, photos from his personal album, museum exhibits, etc. The official presentation of the website will take place in September 17 during a festival dedicated to Mher Mkrtchyan.

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4.Avetik Isahakyan House-Museum

isahakyan tangaran kayq

Armenia’s prominent writer Avetik Isahakyan’s house-museum is the oldest operating museum in Gyumri (1975). Not only the life and activity of Av. Isahakyan are represented in the website, but the lifestyle, habits and traditions of Gyumretsis. The information about the life of writer and house-museum are now available in the official website of the museum where you can read about the biography, works of Av. Isahakyan, exhibition halls of the museum, about past and upcoming events.
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5. Museum of Urban Life and National Architecture

kencaghi tangaran kayq
Perhaps, one of the most interesting places in Gyumri that worths seeing is museum of urban Life and national Architecture. The building works of museum are still ongoing, and soon the visitors of the museum will have the chance to learn about the museum or about Gyumri’s urban life and culture beforehand.
All the listed websites are built by Digital Pomegranate team exclusively free of charge. The websites are being updated and with the efforts of our team and institutions will be multilingual in the future.